Noun 134

“Vent head feels like a defining nounish trait. Clean looking Noun with eth accessory.”

Noun 119

“Ape head and decay accessory pair makes for the ultimate degen Noun.”

Noun 100

“Moooo. Noun 100 is head of the Noun herd. Cheese necklace drip found in just two Nouns.”

Noun 74

“Lint head is only found on Noun 74. A very fuzzy Noun.”

Noun 69

“A coveted Noun for its meme number. One of two 35mm film heads and only sunset shirt wearing Noun.”

Noun 47

“A superb choice of Noun by SharkDAO for its shark head.”

Noun 0

"Gnome Noun begins the collection. The only Noun in the Almanac with a yin & yang accessory."